These By Laws were adopted to implement the charter and fulfill the mission. The Board keeps the by laws under review and amends it as the need arises. It is a public document and any comments or concerns should be addressed to the Secretary, Dr. James Appleyard, Thimble Hall, 108 Blean Common, Blean, Kent, CT2933 UK

I. Name
The name of the organization shall be the "International Association of Medical Colleges" (hereinafter referred to as the IAOMC).


II. Purpose/Mission

The IAOMC is committed to peer evaluation medical education anywhere in the world.  It is a open and transparent, non-stock, not for profit, non political, association chartered by the New York State Regents.

  • Its goal of is to serve society in cooperation with government regulators and those with an interest in the evaluation of quality of medical education to enhance that education.  The standards and process will be transparent and the evaluation results available to the public to inspire confidence in integrity of the process and findings.

III. Membership
Founding members have qualified as being chartered by nations whose standards have been found by the United States Department of Education to be comparable to those used in the United States and who, after review have been approved by a State to conduct clinical training in the United States. 

Currently, there are three categories of membership defined under “Membership” on the Home page;

  • Institutions evaluated and accredited by IAOMC who elect to be members, or

  • Reviewed/Registered member or,

  • Affiliated Member 

Membership is automatically revoked when a substantially non-compliant institution fails to:

  • Resolve a concern within the time allowed to do so or

  • Any member fails to pay a financial responsibility within the time allowed or

  • Actively participate in the affairs of the Association.

  1. A medical school member shall appoint one institutional representative to the Board of Directors.  A representative shall serve for a three year term unless discharged by their appointing school.

  2. Each accredited school representative shall be entitled to one vote.   However, when more than one medical school is chartered by the same nation their votes may not collectively exceed one-third of the total vote cast.

IV. Directors

  1. Each of the Founding members in good standing shall appoint a Director to the Board of Directors. In the event any vote is tie the President shall have the right to vote. The Chairs of the three sections of the Advisory Council; the Site team and the ethics Committee shall be on the Board of Directors and be entitled to one vote each.

  2. Officers will be elected at the annual meeting and will serve without financial compensation.

  3. The President and Executive Director shall be responsible for the management of the Association affairs, implementing the policies of the Board of Directors. The Board may exercise all of the powers that may be lawfully exercised in the State of New York.

V. International Association Meetings

  1. An annual meeting of the membership shall be held on or about March 17 of each year either by conference call or at such location as the Board determines.  The President may call special membership or Committee meetings.  The President is required to call a special membership or Committee meeting when more than a majority of members petition for such a meeting.  Unless waived, at least ten days notice of meeting shall be served prior to any meeting.  Such notice shall include the agenda and a short discussion of the matters to be considered.

  2. In the conduct of meetings, the order of business shall be under the direction of the President, who shall serve as Chair and make all parliamentary decisions. The President’s parliamentary decisions may be reversed by a two-thirds majority of the membership present.

  3. Fifty percent of the members entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum.

  4. Any actions requiring a meeting may be voted on by conference call, e-mail or regular ballot when any meeting requirement is waived by a majority of members.  The position of the members will be determined by vote at any duly called lawful meeting in which a quorum is present. Decisions shall be made by a majority vote of those members voting.  Any Board member must name a permanent alternate to serve as their substitute in the event they are unable to vote.  Once an alternate is named, that person will receive all notices of meeting, including agendas for the meeting, a copy of email proposals for vote, or any notice to arrange a conference call.  Thus it will be up to the Board member to notify the alternate when they are not able to vote.

VI. Officers

  1. The officers of the Association will be; President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  All shall serve without compensation but reimbursed for authorized expenses.

  2. Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting to serve the Association for a period of one year.

  3.  President shall preside at all meetings, appoint committees chairs as required, serve as an ad hoc (nonvoting) member of all committees, have general charge of the affairs of the Association, with the assistance of the Secretary prepare an annual report to the membership, and perform such other duties and functions as may be necessary in order to provide proper leadership.

  4. The Vice President, and in the absence of the President, shall preside at all meetings and shall fulfill such other functions as may be delegated by the President.  In the event of the death, disability, or resignation of the President the Vice President shall assume the responsibilities of the President. In the event of the death, disability, or resignation of the Treasurer and Secretary the Board shall hold a special election to serve until the next membership meeting.

  5. The office of the Secretary will keep the Association records, complete transcripts of all meetings, digest the meetings and post the digest on the Association’s web-site, provide copies of any transcript after payment is received by anyone requesting the same.  Monitor the website to keep the same current and in compliance with the Association’s principal of transparency.

  6. The office of Treasurer will issue payment of outstanding bills, keep account of all financial transactions and provide such reports as may be required.

VII. Committees

  1. Minutes of all meetings shall be recorded and transcribed. These minutes shall be circulated to all members.  The secretary shall prepare a digest for the web-site.  However, any interested person may receive an e-mail copy by attachment.


VIII. Parliamentary Authority
The parliamentary authority shall be Roberts Rules of Order revised.


IX. Amendments
In the event a successor legal entity be adopted or authorized by the State of New York these bylaws will survive and continue to be in effect unless altered, repealed or amended or new bylaws adopted by a two-thirds vote;

  • When thirty days written notice of any proposed bylaws change has been given prior to the annual meeting, those present and voting at that meeting may authorize such change.

  • By mail or electronic balloting, provided two thirds of the membership waives the need for a meeting.  The vote should not be returned to be counted for 10 days after it is sent to allow those who wish to make their opinion known to present their view. However, if two thirds of the membership fails to vote for the proposal within forty-five days after receipt of the proposed amendment it fails.

X. Fiscal Year

  1. The books of the Association will be kept on a fiscal basis to reflect its beginning date of March 17, 2005.

  2. The treasurer will provide a written semiannual and annual report within 30 days after the end of each such fiscal period.

XI. All Board Members, Officers, Members, or persons acting for this Association must declare any personal, professional, academic or business interest that may conflict with their responsibilities.